Suddenly one day

Amidst the wreckage of the irreversible, the light filters through the rows of vines that were the project of a beautiful Soul, a Montalcino tale with a happy ending


Suddenly one day a door closes forever, unexpectedly, unpredictably, violently. A deflagration that sweeps away everything, destroys everything but you. Amidst the wreckage of the irreversible, the light filters through the rows of vines, amidst the ripe bunches, that were the project of a beautiful Soul, his bloodline, the interrupted future that, however, cannot be stopped by anything, not even by the darkest, deepest pain. The future always comes to fruition, and it brings with it the light, for of light we are made and in one way or another we are destined to shine for eternity.

And that is how a talented tailor one day was forced to put down her scissors to sew up the soul, hers and of those who were crushed in disbelief and never thought they could survive the irreversible. Therefore, Jessica harvested all the grapes that were begging to live and turned them into wine. Transformation, life that flows, life that is unstoppable, the absence that becomes constant presence, a new light. A new awareness matured in alternating stages, between lights and shadows, a different, profound sensibility able to see beyond, because

“the essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Jessica Pellegrini is a formidable Woman! She does not open up to everyone, but when she does, she welcomes you with all her heart and soul into the magic she has managed to create through a hard and exhausting journey through pain. Her vineyards, her winery, her world vibrate with a powerful and benevolent energy and light, and she leaves it free to flow respecting its rhythm, its cadence, its harmony.

If I were to compare her to one of my movie heroines, I would certainly choose Ada McGrath from “The Piano”. Ada has chosen not to speak anymore, and it is never explained the trauma she endured. However, she can hardly be called a silent woman, far from it! She expresses herself with overwhelming intensity through the music of her piano: vibrations, harmonies, rhythm, melody. Music that becomes message and sensibility only for those who can hear with their heart and soul as well as their ears.  Only for those who are truly connected.

I have read several times, and also used the expression myself, “Liquid Poetry” to define those wines that can touch the heart and make the soul shiver. But I see now that poetry possesses the limitation of a language that is not universal and requires knowledge and erudition to be understood. Music is different, its language is universal indeed, and it manages to erase barriers and cultural differences like nothing else in the world. So yes, Jessica’s wines are Liquid Music! And I am not just referring to her Brunello di Montalcino.

Nature creates and shapes everything with an ever-changing but unerring hand, and Jessica is always observing, listening, feeling. She is connected to the energy of the earth and of the universe, letting it flow, and she does know when and how to intervene, especially in the winemaking process. It is this way indeed that she is able to give balance, harmony, light, vibrant energy and the sweetest melody to these wonderful wines of hers, that it is truly impossible to choose just one out of her selection.

As much as every sip speaks of my beloved Montalcino, these wines go beyond all parameters, beyond the label, they belong to another dimension where everything coincides, everything is whole.

Created out of the darkness, Fattoria del Pino is now a place full of light and love. There are two wonderful Horses, Princesses Vilma and Blu, then Adele, the hen who loves to sunbathe and lays perfect, multicolored eggs, Giordana the duckling still a toddler, Safira the dog who loves to go quad riding, and lots of ladybugs to my delight! And then there is a very powerful Guardian Angel who pervades the whole vineyard, who hovers in the cellar and adds that magical spark to every single barrel, every single bottle, every single sip.

She has rebuilt a harmonic world with very precise boundaries within which the whole exists again in the intersection of parallel planes that communicate through light, energy, earth, sky, love. But I told her that sooner or later she must come to the Louvre with me, mainly for two reasons:

  • the first is that she must see the Venus of Milo so she will understand the emotional impact of her wines in all its power, as if she were to discover them for the first time
  • the second is that there are no boundaries to her world because harmony, balance and love are within her, and she can safely take them all the way to the Louvre. Including her Angel.

At the end of the movie Ada throws her piano into the ocean; her past so deeply rooted within her that she suddenly allows herself to be deliberately pulled down under with it. On the other side there is the light, there is love, there is life calling her over everything! And Ada chooses light, she chooses life.

Because between pain and love there is no match: it is always love that wins in the end! Always!

” At night I think of my piano in its ocean grave, and sometimes of myself floating above it. Down there everything is so still and silent that it lulls me to sleep. It is a weird lullaby and so it is; it is mine. There is a silence where hath been no sound / There is a silence where no sound may be / In the cold grave, under the deep deep sea.

But Ada’s reality is quite different: she has a new Piano, she has continued to play, she has resumed speaking, she has chosen love and light. So has Jessica.


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