Behind this bottle of Capezzana Vinsanto is a great woman: Benedetta Contini Bonacossi. A woman who has been able to instil this precious amber nectar with her refined and complex personality, which is explained by the simple elegance of her noble heart. The sip is creamy, yet incredibly agile and fluid. Defined as a meditation wine, you don’t even have to make the effort here: Nirvana comes on its own, sip after sip, and the many awards that followed leave no doubt about that!

A wine that plays with logic, where the narrative style of each sip is characterized by paradoxes, absurdities, and nonsense, in that positive sense that ultimately holds the magic of an enchanted world that only the pure soul of a child can fully understand.

This wine is just like that, it does not conform to the traditional canons of wine tasting and therefore must be approached with a clear and open mind. Il is everything and the opposite of everything!

Capezzana Vinsanto is sweet and yet full of freshness. Opulent but with lightness with their thousand sensations unfolding in an elegant and fluid dance. Magical, as it nails you to the present and yet take you far away with your imagination, in the wake of the many exotic and infinite fragrances and brilliant and precious colors that recall the sun of a distant planet. A glass full of pure magic.

Label: Vinsanto di Carmignano DOC – Riserva 2013

Grape Variety: 90% Trebbiano, 10% San Colombano

Tenuta Capezzana

Via Capezzana, 100
59015, Carmignano (PO) – Italia

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