André Jacquart can do magic! If you stay open to the possibility of magic, magic does happen! It may come in different shapes and forms, you just need to pay attention.

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Today, the expression of luxury took shape in the form of white truffles from Alba and an extraordinary bottle of Champagne, a Grand Cru bearing the signature of André Jacquard. While the magnificence of white truffles from Alba is well-known and sought after globally, I want to focus on this particular bottle of Brut Nature, Blanc de Blancs Le Mesnil. Although I do not consider myself a Champagne connoisseur, I can certainly recognize its superiority.

A product of a vineyard that is over sixty years old, this Grand Cru ages for six years on the lees. Its unique bouquet of roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, gingerbread, and candied bitter orange is remarkably alluring. The sensory experience on the palate is equally impressive, with creamy bubbles, unexpected refinement, refreshing taste, and a delightfully mineral finish that lingers for a long time. It is simply… enchanting!

When paired with truffle pappardelle, the Champagne’s flavor profile is nothing short of sublime, creating a pinnacle of bliss that momentarily sweeps away all worries.

Label: Mesnil Experience Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature -Grand Cru Champagne

Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay

Champagne André JACQUART

63, avenue de Bammental 51130

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