I am wine. Ever since I have memories of my existence, I remember that wine has always been on our table. Always! I died when I was four, but the Angels sent me back and so here I am! That same year, while everyone was busy enjoying the fireworks for New Year’s Eve on the spectacular Gulf of Naples, I took advantage of the cosmic void at the table and drank all the Champagne that was left in the glasses! Hello, I am Augusta, a serial taster ever since!

My dad has always drenched us with beauty in all of its forms; as little children he used to take us around museums and art cities, to classic concerts at the San Carlo theater in Naples, he used to read the Divine Comedy to us, he used to take us out fishing on a boat at dawn, and at the table he used to pour us water with a tiny splash of wine!  I still recall many family dinners when we accidentally got tipsy with our cousins! Because the Sauvignon or the legendary farmer’s Falanghina always made it to the table of the “little ones” somehow! So many laughter!

Then one day I suddenly grew up for real, and it did not always go smoothly; school, then work, commitments, life as a single mother.  And I just end up wondering where all my dreams went when the world got in the way. Life is never easy when you are a single mom.

I never drank to forget but for a long time I forgot to drink.

One day I finally found my true soul again, guess where? That’s right, right there, in the vineyard! There was a time you could still go harvesting with friends in Monte San Savino, for a cheerful weekend with the kids as well. During the endless hours among the rows, from dawn to dusk, I always felt as happy as when, as a child, my Dad let me drive the boat. Surrounded by Sangiovese grapes I found the same feeling as then: the perfect moment! Here and now, I don’t want anything more!

And so, one fine day when I was still in the office at eleven at night, I said enough! I do exist! And I want to become a Certified Sommelier! Because the Sommelier course changes your life for the better! And it literally gave my life back to me! I have dived body and soul into this wonderful world of wine! Not only have I found myself, but many friends and true affections among fellow sommeliers, producers, instagrammers and winelovers!

And that’s how wine is part of me now, I am wine! And it is not just because of the thousands of bottles I’ve tasted so far. Yes, I’ve made a rough estimate, we are really talking about a few thousands now!

I have never found the man of my life; in fact, I was even dumped with one of my favorite bottles! I cried a lot that night, I did not eat anything, but I did get to the bottom of that wonderful bottle of wine! He’s gone, but my beloved Pignanera stays, and nothing and no one will ever be able to take it from of my heart! Because with my favorite bottles it is always an endless love affair, and I have a very big heart indeed!

My Dad hardly ever recognizes me, and that breaks my heart, but he never forgets to ask me to bring him some good wine. My kids have grown up and now they call me the eternal teenager. My nieces call me Dorian and ask me where is it I hide the portrait. But the secret to eternal youth is much easier! Follow your dreams and passions all the way, look for the things that make your heart sing! And if your passion is wine, then you are on the right path to immortality!