I am always fascinated by the different sparkles, those Traditional Method made from unconventional grape varieties and where you least expect them. Sparkling wine has long since left its historical production niches to become part of the recent tradition of every region in Italy.

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An experiment that has yielded excellent results everywhere, born out of the desire to go beyond local traditions, while remaining rooted to the ancient history of the territory, in search of harmony and the right proportions. Combining innovation and tradition is not only possible, it is a must and can be very rewarding indeed! And Marco Carpineti is here to prove it with his Kius, a Traditional Method made from pure Bellone, a native grape variety of the Lazio region that can do wonders after 24 months on lees..

Charming and elegant with no false pretenses, Kius stands out for its seductive bouquet of citrus fruits, anise and freshly baked cookies, with a refreshing, mineral sip, enhanced by a creamy, persistent and never-ending bubbles. These are the ingredients of this precious and yet affordable little gem! What more could you possibly want?

If you are looking for the perfect companion for your summer days, don’t hesitate to stock up on Kius Brut. Werther at the beach, in the mountains, by the pool or at a barbecue with friends, this wine will brighten up any occasion with taste and sparkling joy!

Label: KIUS Brut

Grape variety: 100% Bellone


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