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L’articolo originale in Italiano lo trovate qui!

“Her hair is Harlow gold

Her lips are sweet surprise

Her hands are never cold

She’s got Bette Davis eyes”

I have had Kim Carnes in my head singing this song for quite some time now.  It has been ringing in my head for days, since the day I have seen her, seen her and tasted her.

Not a love song, at least not in the most romantic sense, but rather about seduction and eroticism.

Passion, instinct. Desire to have her physically.

Her looks asked for it. Every part of her body seemed made to perfection to ask for it. Her dress… oh my goodness, I don’t even remember the color of the dress she was wearing, I must have undressed her with my eyes faster than I thought. I remember the long gold and black earrings floating around her neck, tracing an invisible pattern for my lips urging to kiss her with anticipation. I remember the deep neckline showing a glimpse of her breast, not generous but proud, turgid, sparkling. Long, soft skirt with wide side slits. Each step showed alternately the right and left leg up to the groin. Almost to the point of showing her underwear, or perhaps she was not even wearing any. Long, supple, muscular legs. An ancestral sensual hypnotic dance. It seemed to me that they were sparkling with glitters. The same glitters that covered her stiletto shoes. Was it just a reflection perhaps? Totally mesmerized by her, was it all in my mind that saw her shine? Yes, it had to be like that, I have no other explanation. Certainly not any rational one.

 “She’ll let you take her home

It whets her appetite

She’ll lay you on the throne

She’s got Bette Davis eyes”

the song goes on in my head as I have now completely abandoned my rationality. And any other sensation, that was previously obscured behind a logical fog, is now totally free to flow.

No, she didn’t ask, neither with her eyes, nor with her words, nor with anything else.

She did not ask at all.

She never asks. She takes. She demands. If she chooses you, you are hers. And you are hers as long as she lets you, until she decides otherwise.

Don’t be fooled and think you’ve conquered her. She is the one who wanted you. She is the one who gave you that kiss. You think you have possessed her, even taken her almost by force, but the truth is it is she who decided to have you and careful now, it is time for her to seduce another already.

I’m sorry if you’ve fallen in love with her, she can’t be faithful by nature, but she’s sincere and demanding, always. You can be sure that when she is with you, she gives herself completely and she wants and gets the same from you.

Forever unforgettable the scent of her velvety soft skin, as fragrant as freshly baked bread. As sweet as freshly baked pastries. Vanilla, yes even vanilla. Then fresh flowers of acacia, elder, orange blossom. And even clear notes of citrus. From now on, every time you smell these fragrances, you’ll get excited and look for her everywhere.

Your mouth will get watery as you recall the sensations and flavors of your first virginal intercourse. Sparkling, pungent, fresh. Pear, apple, peach and honey, caramel, sweet toasted notes. A luxurious and absolutely satisfying harmony.

Now you know that she just can’t be yours, but you also know that you can’t do without her anymore. You’ve simply accepted the fact that she is just like that and she decides to give herself to whomever she pleases, and you fully enjoy her when she decides you’re next.

She is like that.

Take it or leave it.

She is Madame Champagne.

Modena Champagne Experience 2019

It is my second and satisfying year to this glamorous event, and every time I leave with the desire to know more intimately the world of champagne.

A world made also by many small realities with productions of champagne of truly high quality.

Jewels, precious pearls to be discovered.

In addition, of course, to the sacred monsters that are confirmed as such and not by chance, but that every year manage to surprise me with some particular bottles.

The masterclass “Great expressions of Chardonnay of the Maison Duval-Leroy” was extremely interesting and enlightening, and gave many insights on how it is also necessary to learn more about the territory to truly know Champagne.

Excellent organization, perfect location and easy to reach.

The throne of @gemelli.milano was genius

A’ l’année prochaine!