Meet Marco Bacci, a visionary entrepreneur and passionate winemaker, who fearlessly undertakes the challenge of refining the timeless Bordeaux blends amidst the captivating depths of the Maremma coast. The astonishing results of his endeavors are nothing short of remarkable.

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With his radiant smile and genuine enthusiasm, Marco Bacci warmly welcomed media and journalists to his beautiful Terre di Talamo estate in Maremma, Tuscany. Amid a balmy July afternoon, serenaded by the whispers of the sea breeze, we instantly felt at home, sipping on the refreshing sparkle of Barbaione AD 1111 Dosaggio Zero. Crafted using Sangiovese grapes, this exceptional sparkling wine, with its distinct Tuscan essence, tantalizes the palate with its limited production of just over 3,000 bottles.

Barbaione Sparkling wine from Sangiovese grapes (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Bacci Wines: a life choice in the name of excellence

While many entrepreneurs, both locally and globally, choose to invest in Italian wineries, few embark on a journey as profound as Marco Bacci. Bacci Wines’ narrative begins like many others—a young and spirited entrepreneur acquires a wine estate, partly for pleasure, partly as an investment, and partly due to its trendiness.

Captivated by the history-rich Castello di Bossi in the Chianti Classico area, whose cellars house the legacy of the renowned oenologist Giacomo Tachis, Marco embarked on an unforeseen adventure that would forever redefine his path. “The initial spark of madness that later consumed me all” Marco reflects, culminated in the pivotal decision to divest his clothing business in 1996 and dedicate himself fully to his newfound mission: crafting exceptional wines.

Bacci Wines – Sunset in Tuscany (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Since then, Bacci Wines has flourished and expanded its footprint, boasting five certified organic estates: Castello di Bossi, Tenuta di Renieri, Barbaione in Chianti Classico, Renieri in Montalcino, and Terre di Talamo in Maremma. This expansion, driven by Marco’s relentless pursuit of excellence, stands as a testament to his daring determination.

Terre di Talamo: the sea wolf’s refuge

Terre di Talamo, nestled in the heart of Maremma, is truly enchanting, resembling a natural amphitheater, where vineyards gently embrace the distant Talamone, cascading towards the blue sea. Transfixed by its beauty, Marco swiftly secured the estate in just five days, a new jewel in his collection. This coastal haven perfectly resonates with Marco’s passion for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing, blurring the line between the vigneron and the sea wolf.

Terre di Talamo – Vineyars in Tuscany (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Within these vine-laden rows emerge two captivating interpretations of Vermentino di Toscana: Vento and Vento Forte. The former, aged in stainless steel, encapsulates the essence of sea breezes and aromatic herbs, offering an elegant wine with a graceful persona. The latter, matured in barriques, enchants with its delicate creaminess, and reveals delightful notes of white fruit, sage, laurel, lime, and broom. A distinctive iodine undertone evokes the caress of the sea breeze, weaving a harmonious tapestry of aroma and flavor.

Talamo a Mare: the wine entrusted to the care of King Triton

However, the star of the show remains Talamo a Mare, a wine born serendipitously from forgetfulness, as Marco accidentally left a case of Talamo, the winery’s Bordeaux blend, aboard his boat for an extended period.

The fortuitous discovery revealed that the constant temperature and humidity, coupled with the gentle rocking of the waves, bestowed an extraordinary dimension upon the wine. This chance occurrence sparked the idea of underwater aging, leading to the groundbreaking submersion of the first crate at a depth of 35 meters—a first for red wine in Tuscany. Despite regulatory hurdles, Marco’s persistence paid off after three years..

In a mesmerizing comparative tasting, the Talamo a Mare, together with its terrestrial counterpart, demonstrates the profound impact of its aquatic aging. The wine, tenderly guarded and nurtured by the mythical King Triton, exhibits intensified aromas of crisp red fruits, velvety roses, hibiscus, and delicate sweet spices. This symphony of scents resonates with a vibrancy and complexity, mirroring the sea’s whispered secrets. On the palate, the wine dances with tautness, dynamism, and invigorating freshness. Its caressing tannins and impeccable balance forge a harmonious union between taste and aroma, underlining its exceptional quality.

Talamo and Talamo a Mare (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Marco Bacci’s unwavering determination and dedication have borne remarkable fruit through this innovative experiment, which has garnered well-deserved recognition. As the journey continues, Marco’s commitment to excellence remains steadfast, with promising new ideas and projects on the horizon. The story is far from its conclusion, and we eagerly await the unfolding chapters of this captivating narrative.

Ultimately, Marco Bacci’s return to his agricultural roots has yielded extraordinary results. His wines are a testament to the synergy between passion and craftsmanship, creating liquid poetry that transcends expectations and awakens the senses.

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