Chris Martin’s band and the picturesque Montefalco are brought together by a shared rock soul and a virtuous mission: to create a healthier and cleaner world. The “Montefalco Green” initiative is the latest eco-friendly endeavor of the Consorzio di Tutela to enable visitors to explore Umbria and its wineries using sustainable mobility.

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Sustainability, green economy, and circular economy: these are words that have gained immense popularity and have been on everyone’s lips for several years now. While debates and declarations of intent regarding environmental protection have multiplied, some may argue that they have not yet translated into sufficient concrete actions. Pollution continues to be a pressing issue, prompting legitimate questions about whether these words are merely superficial slogans, lacking tangible initiatives.

Recently, across the globe, hundreds of thousands of people have come to realize that there are those who are genuinely committed to addressing these concerns. One such example is Coldplay, the renowned artists who spread positive energy that extends well beyond their music, showcased brilliantly during their awe-inspiring performances.

Coldplay and their commitment to the environment and sustainability

The British band has long been dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of their concerts. During their world tour, they captivate the audience, before the show begins, by projecting messages and videos promoting sustainability and environmental protection.

As exemplary role models, Chris Martin & Co. have implemented a comprehensive sustainability plan with various concrete initiatives. They employ batteries charged using solar, wind, and other renewable power sources. Additionally, they distribute compostable glow bracelets to the audience, creating a mesmerizing display of synchronized lights with the music. To encourage the return of these bracelets after the show, they project the recycling percentage from previous tour stops, fostering virtuous competition among cities. Moreover, the energy to power them is generated by the audience itself, in a designated area with numerous power bikes, and a platform that converts the crowd’s joyful leaps and enthusiasm into energy. A truly ingenious way to merge the practical with the enjoyable.

The glowing heart of Coldplay in Naples (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Their efforts do not end there, however. Chris Martin has also revealed that a portion of the ticket proceeds is channeled into funding projects of ocean cleaning, reforestation, as well as supporting promising startups developing green technologies.

Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco: a focus on sustainability

You might be curious about the connection between the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco and Coldplay at this point. Well, there is, in fact, a significant link between them. Just like Coldplay, the Italian organization, founded in 1981 in Umbria, takes sustainability and environmental protection very seriously. They don’t consider these concepts as abstract ideas or mere slogans to enhance their mission’s narrative; instead, they actively implement them.

As part of their virtuous and forward-thinking approach, which we hope can serve as a model elsewhere, the Consorzio recently introduced the “Montefalco Green” initiative. This eco-friendly project includes the introduction of “Sagreentino” electric bikes, and mini-cars available for enthusiastic tourists eager to explore this delightful corner of Italy, and visit local wineries along the way.

A Sagreentino electric car to enjoy sustainable transport in Montefalco (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Montefalco Green: Visiting wineries with Sagreentino

A fun and sustainable way to enjoy a wine tour through captivating locations, abundant in art, culture, and delectable cuisine, while surrounded by the mesmerizing landscape of the Umbrian countryside, the green heart of Italy.

Modern discerning tourists yearn for action and strive to become active participants in their quest for beauty, local traditions, and authentic products. They aim to immerse themselves fully in the experience, embracing their journey as protagonists, seeking solace from the stress of daily life. With Sagreentino, the fun is assured, and it brings happyness to the heart in every sense.

Sagreentino, the e-bikes to tour Montefalco and its wineries (Foto © Augusta Boes)

The first green tour organized by the Consorzio involved seventeen wineries, offering journalists, bloggers, and media the opportunity to explore the kaleidoscopic richness of Montefalco wines. The main grape varieties here are Sagrantino and Sangiovese for reds, and Trebbiano Spoletino and Grechetto for whites.

Sagrantino and Sangiovese: The red grape varieties of Montefalco

Sagrantino, with its moderate and inconsistent production, and abundant tannins and polyphenols, poses a considerable challenge to be manage both in the vineyard and the cellar. When vinified as a single varietal, as in the Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG version, it requires quite a long bottle aging to reach its peak of flavor and enjoyment.

However, this grape’s austerity finds a delightful balance in the Montefalco Rosso DOC version, where it is complemented by Sangiovese. The result is a more approachable wine with immediate freshness and an enjoyable character. Sagrantino’s versatility shines through in sparkling versions and passito-style wines, where it consistently delivers excellent results.

Trebbiano Spoletino

Among the white grape varieties, Trebbiano Spoletino captivates Montefalco’s producers the most, as they relish interpreting it in various ways. In its “orange wine” rendition, achieved through macerations of different durations and aging, the result is a wine of intense and intricate aromas and flavors. It is important to note that some of the grape’s varietal and regional characteristics may be sacrificed during maceration. Nevertheless, these distinctive traits resurface brilliantly in the white version, offering a truly delightful and crisp wine.

Large barrels to age Sagrantino Wines (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Montefalco Green: Sustainable and welcoming wine tourism in Umbria

The Montefalco Green tour, organized by the Consorzio Tutela Vini Montefalco, offered the opportunity to visit several local wineries, including Agricola Mevante, Antonelli, Briziarelli, De Conti, Fattoria Colsanto, La Fonte, Le Cimate, Moretti Omero, Ninni, Perticaia, Romanelli, Scacciadiavoli, Tabarrini, Tenuta Alzatura-Checchi, Tenuta Bellafonte, Tenuta Lunelli-Castelbuono, and Terre della Custodia. They are all distinguished by their exquisite hospitality and unwavering commitment to creating a more ecological and clean future.

Sagrantino vineyards (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Experiences like these, much like attending Coldplay’s concerts, leave you with a profound sense of peace and serenity that nourishes the heart and soul. The awareness that numerous initiatives are being taken for environmental protection should inspire us to actively engage in this crucial endeavor.

Each one of us can contribute significantly in our own small way. Simple gestures such as conscientious recycling and choosing eco-friendly products, starting with biodegradable packaging and recycled materials, can exert a powerful influence on production choices, leading them towards greener solutions.

Let us always remember that the Planet is not in jeopardy, it will surely survive us.

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