Campania, a region steeped in myth and history since the days of ancient Rome, has always held a special place in the heart of Bacchus. It is the birthplace of Italy’s illustrious wine tradition, a story of glory and beauty that finds its contemporary expression in the skilled hands of ten remarkable women.

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The wines of Campania carry a storied legacy that stretches from these fertile lands to every corner of the Peninsula. Amidst five distinctive macro-zones that yield grapes with diverse qualities, numerous wineries here today shine on the global stage with their outstanding production. Embark on a journey through Campania’s diverse terroirs and rich traditions, guided by ten visionary women who infuse each bottle with their passion and expertise.

Marisa Cuomo: Amalfi Furore Rosso Riserva DOC

Our journey through Campania’s vinous wonders embarks with Marisa Cuomo, whose eponymous vineyards cling tenaciously to the dolomitic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. This enchanted realm, where the sky mingles with the sea, is the birthplace of Costa d’Amalfi DOC “Furore Rosso Riserva” – an exquisite blend of Piedirosso and Aglianico native varieties. An ode to the senses, a symphony of aromas—berries, roses, and geranium—dancing on the palate, and delivering an unforgettable experience that defies summer’s conventional white wine bias.

Marisa Cuomo (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Cantine Marisa Cuomo – Via Giambattista Lama, 16/18 – Furore (SA) | Info:

Ilaria Petitto: Guiding Cantina Donnachiara

Radiant as the sun, beautiful as a Barbie doll, determined as a tiger, Ilaria Petitto presides over Donnachiara, a bastion of female winemaking spanning over a century that has masterfully interpreted Campania’s three DOCG treasures—Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, and Fiano d’Avellino. Among these treasures, her Greco di Tufo DOCG shines bright, its aromatic allure and refreshing sip embodying the essence of summer.

I Vigneti di Donnachiara in Irpinia (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Società Agricola Donnachiara Srl Via Stazione, 14 – Montefalcione (AV) | Info:

Maura Sarno: A Class Act at Cantina Sarno 1860

Elegance and refinement define Maura Sarno, the undisputable queen of Fiano d’Avellino DOCG. Cantina Sarno 1860’s story, lost during the era of fascism and won back through her grandmother’s determination, would provide a perfect script for a movie by Tornatore. Maura’s Fiano, especially the ‘emme‘ as in macerated (but we sure prefer as in Maura), captivates with its complexity, opulence, and yet graceful agility, a true testament to the nobility of her heart.

emme Fiano di Avellino Sarno 1860 (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Tenuta Sarno 1860 Contrada Serroni, 4/b – Avellino (AV) | Info:

Patrizia Malanga: Vita Menia’s Rosé Allure

Nestled on the edge of the woods, Le Vigne di Raito is Patrizia Malanga’s miniature wine realm on the Amalfi Coast, just above Vietri sul Mare. She conjures her fairy-tale realm here and nothing is missing in her tiny winery. Patrizia weaves a tapestry of perfection in her Vita Menia Costa d’Amalfi DOC Rosato, skillfully blending Aglianico and Piedirosso. With meticulous selection and an artful touch, Patrizia achieves harmony through delicate balance, unveiling a flawless masterpiece.

Vita Menia Rosato Costa d’Amalfi (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Le vigne di Raito Via San Vito, 9 – Raito (SA) | Info:

Paola Riccio Alepa: Embracing Nature’s Essence

Paola Riccio Alepa is a force of nature. As a passionate vigneron, she likes to share her work on social medias with her many followers. Her Riccio Bianco Terre del Volturno IGT mirrors her genuine and intense character. With a touch of natural authenticity, this wine stands as a reflection of her vibrant spirit. Pallagrello Bianco grapes are transformed into a unique, intense experience, much like Paola’s own personality.

Riccio Bianco Alepa (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Cantina Alepa Via Carpineto, 6 – Caiazzo (CE) | Info:

Teresa Bruno: Reviving the Spirit of Irpinia

Teresa Bruno, a wine superwoman of Campania,s wiens, reigns as the President of the Consorzio di Tutela dei Vini d’Irpinia. Her focus on balance, sustainability, and biodiversity finds embodiment in Cantina Petilia’s fine wines production, and her Campania Falanghina IGT, a steel-fermented delight, encapsulates Irpinia’s refreshing soul, making it a perfect companion for summer’s lazy moments.

Petilia Falanghina Campania IGT (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Az. Agricola Petilia Uva & Vini Pincera (AV)

Lucia Monti: Crafting the true essence of Ischia

Lucia Monti’s journey from Germany back to her roots in Ischia, breathes new life into Cantine Tommasone, a Winery with an ancient tradition she has brought back to its original splendor. Her Biancolella Ischia Bianco DOC captures the island’s essence with every sip—a direct line to the sea breeze, sunlit days, and the allure of volcanic wines. Delicate yet forthright, this wine carries the island’s authenticity in its elegant bouquet.

Ischia Binacolella Tommasone (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Cantine Tommasone Via Prov.le Lacco Fango, 144 – Lacco Ameno, Ischia (NA) |   Info:

Silvia Imparato: Montevetrano’s Radiant Personality

Silvia Imparato’s Montevetrano IGT Colli di Salerno stands as a testament to her vibrant personality. Whena When, as a young photographer, she decided to try her hand at the art of making wine Awinemaking, and was introduced to Riccardo Cotarella, a chance encounter that set her on a path to excellence. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Aglianico, and Merlot results in a wine that mirrors the sun-drenched elegance of its creator, radiating intensity and charm.

Montevetrano (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Azienda Agricola Montevetrano Via Montevetrano, 3, – San Cipriano Picentino (SA) | Info:

Filomena Iacobucci: Terre Stregate’s Aglianico Artistry

Filomena Iacobucci upholds the legacy of Terre Stregate, an ancient winery devoted to excellence since 1898. Arcano Aglianico Riserva Sannio DOP, a spellbinding creation, paints a portrait of composure and balance. The wine’s multi-faceted bouquet whispers of walnut and cherry barrels, invoking a connection to the past that intertwines with modern winemaking mastery.

Arcano Terre Stregate (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Terre Stregate Contrada Santa Lucia SS87 – Guardia Sanframondi (BN) | Info:

Titti Bianchino: Ager Fluens’ Youthful Splendor

In a land steeped in millennia of winemaking, that Ager Falernus celebrated since the times of the ancient Romans, Titti Bianchino of Tenute Bianchino shines as a youthful revelation. The Ager Fluens Campania Rosso IGT, a pure Primitivo sourced from centennial vines, marries ancient wisdom with modern innovation. Titti’s endeavor captures the essence of a timeless tradition while breathing new life into Campania’s viticulture.

Ager Fluens Tenute Bianchino (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Tenute Bianchino Via San Paolo, Falciano del Massico, Mondragone (Caserta) | Info:

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