Luigi Lulli has transformed his farm located in Poli (Rome, Italy) into a luxurious accommodation with top-tier comforts. Here, you can relax, enjoy traditional cusine, and savor exceptional wines crafted with the expertise of oenologist Alessandro Marotta.

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At a notable ‘Italian Marketing Foundation’ forum a few years back, renowned Professor Philip Kotler was not the only speaker of importance. Martin Lindstrøm, a brilliant and notorious neuromarketing expert, also shared insights. During this event, Lindstrøm predicted a shift from globalizing trends to a resurgence of distinctiveness. The thirst for authenticity would soon eclipse the rampant push for standardization.

This shift materialized swiftly, particularly evident in sectors like tourism. Factors including the pandemic redirected travelers from bustling cities and crowded beaches to quaint rural destinations boasting historical treasures. This movement to rediscover Italy’s countryside charm resulted in a tourism phenomenon that is not mass-market but certainly transcends niche categories.

Emergence of Wine and Food Tourism – A Rapidly Growing Segment

In this evolving landscape, wine and food tourism, once pursued mostly by aficionados of local gastronomy, wine enthusiasts, and vineyard admirers, found firm footing. This trend has captivated a progressively diverse audience for several years now. Today, it is common for both domestic and international visitors to integrate winery visits and tastings into their cultural and leisure journeys, seeking the essence of authenticity and tradition.

Visitors are increasingly selecting local wineries as accommodations as well, opting for tranquility away from urban clamor while still being a stone’s throw from the vibrant cultural hubs that attract millions of tourists to Italy every year.

Tenuta Lungarella – A Winery and Resort on the Outskirts of Rome

From this awareness, Luigi Lulli envisioned the transformation of Tenuta Lungarella, an all-encompassing farm, into a sophisticated and comfortable accommodation. This retreat promises serene relaxation conveniently close to Rome (undergoing improvements, stay tuned for the inauguration). Nestled in Poli, a charming municipality on the outskirts of the capital, it rests at an elevation of 450 meters, reachable within a short 40-minute drive from downtown Rome.

Tenuta Lungarella – Roma – Mountain wiev (Foto © Augusta Boes)

The enchanting stroll through woods and untamed countryside is both evocative and delightful. Each turn, however, carries the whimsical fear of navigation leading astray, placing you in the midst of nowhere, butit does take you to destination indeed. Querying artificial intelligence for anecdotes and ancient stories yields:

“I apologize for the insufficient data on the Campagna di Poli in the province of Rome. It could be a lesser-known place, private property, or a location omitted from my training up to September 2021.”

Ironically, even from a regulatory perspective, Poli falls outside neighboring wine appellations. This revelation followed the planting of Montepulciano, a grape variety essential to the Rome DOC. Yet, this matters little, as this experimental phase embraces Alessandro Marotta‘s creative freedom, the young and talented oenologist collaborating with the winery.

Tenuta Lungarella – Vermentino Grapes (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Amidst two hectares of vineyards reclaimed from the woods, a small winery initially conceived for leisure by Luigi’s father, and a steep terrain home to ancient olive trees, hidden beehives dwell near the woodland’s edge, just beneath the mountain’s crest.

Commencing with the inaugural harvest in 2018, all labels are named JVLIVS, a unique homage to Roman emperors who once sought refuge here, craving peace, silence, and serenity, (uncovering untold ancient stories was meant to enhances this narrative). Let’s delve into the wine tasting experience then.

The JVLIVS Tasting

Alessandro Marotta expertly balances pleasantness and typicality. While catering to a broad connoisseur audience, he preserves terroir uniqueness and varietal characteristics, avoiding clichés. Elegance and immediacy intertwine to gratify the senses and encourage indulgence.

JVLIVS VERMENTINO Lazio IGT offers an exhilarating experience with its evolving, intense, and complex nose. Aromatic herbs, sea breeze, and white flowers grace the opening, evolving into helichrysum, broom, elderflower, and exotic fruit. The palate experiences freshness, savoriness, and a caressing balance thanks to a generous glyceric component.

Tenuta Lungarella – JVLIVS Vermentino – (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Delight in the JVLIVS ROSATO Lazio IGP, a Rosé from Cesanese grapes, embodying elegance and character reminiscent of Provence’s finesse. Retaining a distinctive style, it remains fresh, poised, and balanced. Delicate notes of roses, oleander, and arbutus engage the senses in a harmonious dance.

Tenuta Lungarella – JVLIVS – Rosé (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Straightforward the JVLIVS CESANESE Lazio IGP, vinified and matured in steel to enhance its varietal essence. Aromas of roses, field herbs, and hints of leather greet the glass. The sip offers freshness and crispiness, a truly enjoyable wine.

Tenuta Lungarella – JVLIVS – Cesanense (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Significant is the JVLIVS UVE BACCHE ROSSE Lazio IGP, blending Cesanese and Montepulciano grapes. Its profound nose carries notes of berries, blackberry jam, tobacco, and sweet spices. The palate is expansive yet balanced, graced by smooth tannins and a long balsamic finish.

Tenuta Lungarella – JVLIVS – Rosso (Foto © Augusta Boes)

Praise to Luigi Lulli and his team for establishing an evocative and refined haven in Poli. This outpost is poised to become a sought-after destination for admirers of excellence, aesthetics, and serenity, just a stone’s throw from Rome’s treasures, Tivoli’s allure, and the nearby coastline and beaches.

Tenuta Lungarella – 00010 Poli – Via Ficozzivoli

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