Terre di Toscana is most definitely the ultimate wine-related event that defines the term “cult show”. With a 15-year track record, it never ceases to amaze, providing two days of pure joy to everyone involved, regardless of their role in the event.

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The event is organized by L’Acqua Buona and held annually at Lido di Camaiore. It is a highly sought-after showcase for Tuscany’s wine producers, as its amazing selection bestows an undeniable quality stamp on participating wineries. Its exceptional array of both small niche and internationally renowned wineries, and everything in between, provides an endless range of excellence.

Participants were spoilt for choice, with 140 companies showcasing around 800 labels to taste. Despite not being able to sample everything, the beauty of the event lies in the fact that there’s no need to choose! No need to think too much about which type of wine you have in the glass, where it comes from or what the producer’s style is. Every sip guarantees sheer pleasure, leaving a smile on the face and satisfaction to the heart.

The event’s overwhelmingly positive atmosphere eliminates the “negativity bias,” that is, the tendency to notice negative details in any situation. Although this bias can help define a “positivity ratio” by making positive emotions prevail over negative ones, in an environment of absolute positivity like Terre di Toscana, the rule is unnecessary. In fact it is already satisfied, allowing for unbridled enjoyment.

These two days present a chance that should not be overlooked, to escape from the stresses of daily life. A luxury to indulge in, to leave problems and worries behind and fully immerse oneself in the eternal love affair with wine, its world, and all its players: glasses, bottles, and people. Critical tasting gives way to the joy of sipping wine, sharing, and reconnecting with old and new friends. Terre di Toscana offers the opportunity to forget daily struggles and immerse oneself in the world of wine, a true passion to rejoyce in.

This event creates a vibrant energy field, where business opportunities are born out of genuine exchange, confrontation, and sharing. Our own simulacrum dissolves, perhaps with alcohol helping a little in the endeavor, to make room for our true essence, the one that opens up to sincere listening. Terre di Toscana’s true magic lies in its ability to synchronize happy hearts, creating an energetic vortex that is powerful and positive, hard to leave once the event is over.

As always I have returned home with a thousand joyful memories, and I’m already counting the days to the next edition. My best tastings? I have never made a list so easily: ALL of them! Even the ones I missed and that can be easily recovered in the near future. I have a list of glasses to explore in many upcoming events.

A heartfelt thanks goes to the direction and organization of the event. As always, they have managed to stage a new and exciting episode of one of the most beautiful and engaging stories in the world of wine, and beyond.” We’ll see you next year!

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