Everything you need to know about Tuscany Wine Previews 2023

While vineyards everywhere are sound asleep during this winter that so far has shown consistent and regular weather patterns, the wine world, on the other hand, is in great effervescence. And I am not referring to the 2022 vintage evolving, refining and transforming in the cellars. I’m talking about a truly vivacious period, full of commitments for producers, media, wine professionals and national and international wine-lovers: wine previews have begun all over Italy! A long series of key events for the wine business to present the new vintages to national and international markets according to different Production Regulations.

Tuscany Wine Previews are at the starting line this week. As always, it will be PrimAnteprima to open the showcase on Saturday February 11 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence, with the usual press conference and a collective toast with the representatives of all Tuscan Appellations.

On Sunday February 12, always at the Fortezza da Basso the Chianti Lovers & Rosso Morellino will be presenting the eclectic and versatile Sangiovese in its countless facets and multiple liaisons with other red grape varieties. A rich kaleidoscope of labels that bring to the glass a significant slice of Tuscany’s wine production in terms of quality and quantity.

The parade of Sangiovese, the undisputed star of these previews, is then taken to the glamorous red carpet of the Leopolda Station with the Chianti Classico Collection at its 30th edition. On Feb. 13 and 14, the long-awaited presentation of labels signed by the Black Rooster – in the Vintage, Riserva and Gran Selezione categories – will complete the overview of one of the world’s most iconic and best-known Italian wines. The Chianti Classico Consortium was the first to have producers present again already last year, to the delight of us all! It is a much greater celebration to be able to cross glasses and glances with the 200 producers present with more than 700 labels available for tasting. The preview will also include Vin Santo and DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well.

Everyone get your flashes and cameras ready on Thursday January 16, as she, the beautiful and unparalleled White Queen of Tuscany, will take the stage. In the halls of the De Grada Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano will parade in all its splendor. It will be a true privilege to admire her in the many attires designed and made exclusively for her each year. The “fashion designers”, who dress her up with new and refined elegance every year, will be present at the tasting at last. Everything is ready in San Gimignano, including the usual in-depth presentation in Sala Dante, which this year is expected to be truly interesting.

At its debut in society last year, the Altra Toscana preview immediately won everyone over! With the appellations of Carmignano, Chianti Rufina, Colline Lucchesi, Maremma Toscana, Montecucco, Orcia, Terre di Pisa, Valdarno di Sopra, Terre di Casole, Cortona, Colline Lucchesi, and Suvereto and Val di Cornia, and their many peaks of excellence, there will be certainly no time for boredom! From the hills down to the sea, an excursus that dutifully completes the rich overview of grape varieties and territories of one of the most praised wine regions in the world. The appointment this year is on February 17 at Palazzo degli Affari in Florence. Do not miss it!

The showcase will end with the noblesse oblige of Montepulciano and its Vino Nobile in high uniform. The preview of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano will be held as usual in the splendid setting of the Fortezza on February 18-20. We will finally be reunited in numbers here too! In fact, we will be able to taste the story of the new vintages not only through countless glasses of beauty, but also and above all from the stories of the producers themselves, finally present in this 2023 edition.

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