Behind this bottle of Capezzana Vinsanto lies the essence of Benedetta Contini Bonacossi, a remarkable woman who has infused this precious amber elixir with her refined and multifaceted personality, eloquently mirroring the simple yet noble elegance of her heart. Each sip of this liquid gold is a revelation, seamlessly marrying creaminess with astonishing agility and fluidity. Often dubbed a “meditation wine,” Capezzana Vinsanto effortlessly transports you to a state of Nirvana, sip after sip, a sentiment undeniably corroborated by the multitude of prestigious awards it has garnered.

This wine is a whimsical journey through the realms of paradoxes, absurdities, and delightful nonsense, all within the confines of a positive, enchanted world that resonates most profoundly with the pure-hearted innocence of a child.

Much like its enigmatic creator, Capezzana Vinsanto refuses to adhere to conventional wine-tasting norms, demanding an open and receptive mindset. It defies categorization, existing as both everything and nothing, embracing duality with grace.

Capezzana Vinsanto is a symphony of sweetness and freshness, an opulent yet weightless experience. It unveils a multitude of sensations in a graceful and seamless dance. It is nothing short of magical, grounding you in the present while whisking you away on a journey of imagination, evoking exotic fragrances and vivid colors reminiscent of a distant, sun-kissed planet. Each glass is an enchanting vessel, brimming with pure, unadulterated magic.

Label: Vinsanto di Carmignano DOC – Riserva 2013

Grape Variety: 90% Trebbiano, 10% San Colombano
Tenuta Capezzana

Via Capezzana, 100
59015, Carmignano (PO) – Italia

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