If it is true that one always gets move by a great work of art, then there is no doubt Zibbo 2015 is most definitely a work of art! Cannonau di Sardegna in purity, produced by the organic winery Marco Canneddu, with only two hectares in the province of Nuoro, it is already a palmares wine! Thanks to the talent of Marco, a passionate young oenologist who has managed in a very short time to make his land and his Cannonau express at the highest levels from 60-80 years old vines. Founded in 2015 Cantina Canneddu is a young reality indeed, but one that has its ancient and deep roots in the perfect soil and terroir of Mamoiada.

Our journey takes off from this vineyard in Sardinia then, but it is destined to take us much further away! Yes, because a glass of Zibbo is everything but a simple glass of wine, but rather a journey through lights, colors, scents and intense and exotic flavors. In its precious and luxuriant deep ruby gown, it is like a beautiful woman who seduces, bewitches and conquers with her eyes of gold, magnetic gaze and sweet and enigmatic smile. She takes you by the hand on a journey that begins in an oriental spice shop, where the sun’s rays filter through the inlays of a an exquisitely carved door, creating games of light and colors that intertwine and dance in a magic spell…

Saffron, curry, paprika, pink pepper, but also lots of licorice and pipe tobacco.

Keep twirling the glass and you will be intoxicated by the richness of the bouquet of this extraordinary wine! Hang on before drinking and do not be hasty, because you will continue to discover new scents and hints, too many even to list them all here. Yes, because the journey continues, there is a door at the back of the shop. Let the beautiful lady in red take you by the hand again. Beyond the door there is an enchanted garden overflowing with roses and violets, rosemary and myrtle.

The sip is graceful and elegant, with softness and freshness in perfect harmony and balance. Sixteen degrees that go smoothly unnoticed!  The taste-olfactory correspondence is textbook, as it is just as rich and complex to the palate! Soft, fine and silky tannins and an endless finish of pure licorice. Consistency, balance and beauty that are a true shot to the heart!

Let your imagination run wild for the pairing! I took my bottle to lunch with a very dear friend from Sardinia who had prepared a delicious sausage and saffron Fregula with which Zibbo literally perfect match! Also good with baked zucchini stuffed with meat and cheese, but here the wine overwhelmed the dish a little bit in the end. I would also pair it with Neapolitan lasagna, barbecued meat and liver sausages, as well as with a nice selection of very aged cheeses.

One last suggestion that I recommend you to follow is you enjoy the ournet to the fullest without too many distractions: taste it alone, even as a meditation wine. You won’t regret it.