Today is going to be a special day, unexpectedly. Certain things happen only once in a lifetime, maybe! The emotion is great, and I have had high hopes ever since I found out yesterday, when I got the message that there would be a coincidence of exceptional and completely unexpected events, such as the alignment of the planets or the passage of a very bright comet.

What a joy! Anticipation, this feeling of serenity that pervades the day of the waiting and that envelops me like a warm and reassuring embrace from which no one would ever want to be freed. I am like a butterfly today, spreading her wings for the first time to soar in a graceful and beautiful flight, just for one day, just one and then everything will end. Because fate waits impatiently and grants nothing more than what it has chosen to.

This special occasion requires to be celebrated with a special and unique wine indeed, one that is unparalleled and unrepeatable, one that is able to enclose in the chalice the precious essence of this perfect, rare, and unfortunately ephemeral day. I can think of only one that can live up to the circumstance and that will be able to inebriate my Special Guest as much as he can inebriate my existence; my Special Guest who will never know how much his presence, for a whole day, full of wonderful events and exciting programs, can enrich my life making it perfect and sublime even if for one day only. And we will leave him in his state of total unawareness, but will certainly show him in a tangible way all the gratitude he deserves, which is why the choice can only be Fiorduva of Marisa Cuomo Winery,  a true work of art, paired with wheat germ pasta, a “calamarata” with a simple but refined sauce of fresh tomatoes and amberjack bites.

This wine is able to promises a different and unique experience from the very first sensations, the ones nobody ever really pays attention to except to intercept some flaws. Usually, when testing the cork, it is just enough that it does not smell bad to proceed to the tasting right away.  However, this cork is already able to reveal secrets and promises of what is to come, and when what you have is always too little you must be able to taste and enjoy every single moment, every little detail.

Furore is hundreds of miles away today, but just like the sun on a hot summer day out the Amalfi Coast and the cool caress of the sea breeze, so the colors and fragrances radiate from this glass of wine. A glass filled with magic. There is the sea, and then the sun and the wind in the glass; the wise passion of those tending these vineyards with love, respect and dedication; the work of an invisible and yet expert team that manages to bring out a masterpiece from a beautiful, impossible and extreme land; the scents of a unique and unrepeatable terroir that, along the pathways of this countryside overlooking the sea, fill the air in a symphony of notes of flowers blooming in the morning, of fresh grass burnt by the sun, of ripe summer fruit on the trees, of the unique lemons of the Divina Costiera, and of the sea that gets deep inside even from up here, while two graceful and impalpable butterflies embroider invisible patterns in their joyfull flight in the vineyards where these bunches grow as sweet as honey.

The magic of this enchanted place, hundreds of miles away, is here in this glass of wine today. A mesmerizing place suspended between the sky and the sea, where the beauty of the landscape leaves you breathless, and the scent of the sea blend and mingle with those of the earth creating a perfect symphony that enchants the senses and intoxicates the soul. This is Fiorduva, as perfect as this unexpected day; elegant, eloquent, warm and enveloping as the rare company of my Guest, who will soon be gone.

There are unique moments that come around only once in a lifetime, that arrive all of a sudden out of the blue, leave you breathless, and never come back. Some things are like this: they leave an indelible mark and a memory of endless length inside, just like the persistent sip of this beautiful wine that will forever revive at every taste the flavors, aromas and the bittersweet magic of an unforgettable day. I close my eyes, I plunge once again into the spell of my glass, and it is like being in Furore and you were still with me. To stay.

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