🇮🇹 Italiano

The new day unfolds with an air of enchantment, an unexpected symphony of events that occur but once in a lifetime, perhaps! The exhilaration within me has been building since yesterday, when a message arrived, bearing news of an extraordinary convergence of unforeseen occurrences. Picture the planets aligning or a brilliant comet gracing the heavens – such is the magnitude of this marvel.

What elation! An aura of serene anticipation envelops this day, akin to a comforting, snug embrace from which liberation holds no allure. Today, I am akin to a butterfly unfurling its delicate wings for the inaugural flight, a single day of elegant and wondrous soaring, soon to fade. Destiny, ever impatient, bestows no more than it fancies.

Such a momentous occasion warrants a celebration with a truly exceptional wine – one unparalleled, unreproducible. It must cradle within its chalice the very essence of this ephemeral day: flawless, rare, and precious. Amid this fleeting splendor, only one option befits the grandeur, an offering that can intoxicate not only my esteemed Guest but also my existence itself, just for a little while.

Ah, my Guest, oblivious to the richness he bestowes upon my life through a day brimming with marvels and exhilaration – a single day of perfection and sublimity, and then it is all over. His blissful ignorance shall persist, yet my gratitude, profound and palpable, shall manifest through an impeccable choice: Fiorduva of Marisa Cuomo Winery, a masterpiece white wine. Paired with wheat germ pasta, a “calamarata” with a sauce of unpretentious elegance – ripe tomatoes and delicate amberjack morsels.

From the inception of sensations, those often overlooked, this wine proffers a unique expedition. The cork itself, a harbinger of secrets, unravels promises yet to unfold. When life’s offerings perpetually fall short, relishing each instant and detail becomes imperative. Although Furore remains distant today, akin to the sun gracing a scorching summer day along the Amalfi Coast, this glass brims with hues and fragrances, a vessel pouring with enchantment.

Magic resides herein. In its depths, the sea unfurls, along with sunbeams and zephyrs; the skilled ardor of vignerons tending to their vineyards with devotion, reverence, and expertise. An invisible yet proficient orchestra molds a masterpiece from this formidable, improbable terrain. Notes of blossoming morning flowers, sun-kissed grass, succulent summer fruits, the Divina Costiera’s unparalleled lemons, and the very essence of the sea intertwine and take flight, while two ethereal butterflies are busy adorning the vineyards in ephemeral grace, stitching invisible tales with their jubilant dance amidst honeyed clusters.

The magic of this enchanted place, hundreds of miles away, is here in this glass of wine today. A mesmerizing place suspended between the sky and the sea, where the beauty of the landscape leaves you breathless, and the scent of the sea blend and mingle with those of the earth conjuring a harmony that entrances the senses and ensnares the soul. Fiorduva, as impeccable as this unforeseen day, stands as an emblem of elegance, eloquence, warmth – a cocoon as precious as the fleeting companionship of my Guest, soon to vanish.

Life gifts us singular instances, ephemeral jewels that materialize unexpectedly, leaving us awestruck, never to return. Some things are like this: – they etch an indelible mark and an eternal memory, much like the lingering sip of this exquisite wine, evoking, with each taste, the flavors, aromas, and bittersweet enchantment of an unforgettable day. I close my eyes, I plunge once again into the spell of my glass, and it is like being in Furore and you, dear Guest, linger still – an everlasting presence in a world designed to wane.