The ocean has found its way to the Tortonesi Hills in Piedmont, believe me! You can find it in a bottle of Timorasso Derthona, a native variety that has found its favorite home here.

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Allow me to introduce our featured wine of the day: a Timorasso Derthona from Azienda Agricola Luigi Boveri. This wine boasts a truly captivating aroma and flavor that transports you to far-off, exotic beach.

Picture a field of herbs on the shoreline, where the fragrant blooms of linden, acacia, and chamomile sway gently in the sea breeze. One sip of this golden-green nectar won’t be enough! It is both savory and mineral, like the ocean waves, yet also soft and delicate, akin to a gentle sea breeze. It’s a ray of sunshine on even the gloomiest of days. Sometimes, all it takes is the right bottle of wine to put a smile back on your face.

Luigi Boveri was among the first winemakers in the Colli Tortonesi region to embark on the journey of rediscovering this illustrious grape variety, which had long been forgotten. Although it is a challenging and unpredictable grape to cultivate, it is unquestionably one of Italy’s most esteemed white varietals. We extend our gratitude to Luigi for his tireless efforts, as anything that comes from the heart gets to the heart indeed!

Label: Derthona Timorasso – Colli Tortonesi DOC

Grape variety: 100% Timorasso

Azienda Agricola
Boveri Luigi

Costa Vescovato (AL)

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