My first conversation about wine with Paolo Benassi, the owner and winemaker at La Bellanotte in Farra d’Isonzo, left a deep impression on me. I confessed to him that I had never particularly enjoyed pure Cabernet Franc, even when it was noticeably well made.

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Nevertheless, Paolo challenged me to visit him at Vinitaly and taste his Franc, promising to change my mind. Eager to take up the wager, I accepted the challenge and was delighted to lose. Over the years, thanks to Paolo, I have come to appreciate many other outstanding pure Franc wines.

Paolo’s winemaking process involves using only steel vats and leaving the Cabernet Franc alone as much as possible. The result is an authentic and highly enjoyable varietal wine that brings out all the characteristics of the grape in perfect harmony. The typical herbaceous note, which can make the wine too austere at times, is beautifully balanced by a lively spiciness of green pepper and sweet paprika, together with clear hints of berries. Allow the wine to rest in the glass for a while and you will be pleasantly surprised by the enveloping notes of liquorice, laurel, chocolate and the unmistakable balsamic charge. To put it simply, Cabernet Franc becomes all the more irresistible thanks to Paolo’s interpretation.

Label: Cabernet Franc – Friuli DOC

Grape variety: 100% Cabernet Franc

La Bellanotte
Società Agricola

Strada della Bellanotte, 3
34072 Farra d’Isonzo Gorizia

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